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Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

Went for a treatment and was thoroughly impressed. I’m not spiritual or heavily into eastern medicine but after 17+ years of pain I can say it’s the only thing that takes it away. I’ve had multiple surgeries on my knees and for the first time in almost 2 decades I’m without pain. I work as a heavy diesel mechanic and beat the hell outta my body and this treatment has seriously changed my body. Can’t wait for my next session. If you’re skeptical or think it’s just some hokey pokey voodoo I can tell you it is not!!! Make the appointment

David Williams

Wow. Not only do I feel more emotionally and spiritually balanced but my posture and body is completely aligned and structurally sound. I did the 3 session package with Chloe and Ben and honestly am radiating. Even women in my meetings are coming up to me wondering how I hold myself so elegantly! It's profound work and I'm excited to have their support to keep my body happy healthy, and whole. I'm grateful to include this work as part of my self-care routine for the long term. Thank you both so much! I highly recommend using Ben and Chloe because they're kind, compassionate, and truly masters at their craft.

Hannah Marie Muse

I feel incredibly blessed to have experienced Ben and Chloe's healing. After a year of frustrating attempts to ameliorate my femoroacetabular impingement, I was told arthroscopic surgery was my only option. I was unable to walk even short distances without pain and had to give up many of my daily activities for lack of mobility. After just one session with Ben and Chloe, as if miraculously, I had full mobility of my hips and could begin to walk with virtually no pain. Chloe and Ben are incredibly knowledgeable, with x-ray like precision and an impressively intuitive understanding of the nervous system. I felt entirely relaxed and comfortable under their care. In addition to the resolution of my condition, my posture has greatly improved, and I have greater body awareness. I was also provided with a plethora of resources and tools to help me maintain my results. Both kind and gentle souls, Chloe and Ben are a pleasure to work with. From the time and care they take to explain the method/process, to the gentle way they conduct the adjustments, it is abundantly clear that their priorities lie in providing their clients with lasting results, as well a pleasant and painless experience. I would highly recommend Ting Jin Healing to anyone experiencing pain or mobility issues.

Rachel Rumstein

There are no enough words to describe my experience with Ben and Chloe at Ting Jin Healing. I have experience chronic pain in almost all of my right side body, starting with my ears all way down to my feet. I have been visited by many doctors for the last 4 years in Egypt and here in the US, no one could help me. At times I lost hope and I had to accept the fact that’s my new normal and that I will live with pain for the rest of my life. And after one session with them, I felt so much different in such an amazing way. For the first time in 4 years, I could feel there’s hope and that I could actually heal and get back to live normal again with pain-free :) Thank you so much for both of you for all the caring and kindness that you showed me and for all the magic you do :)


I can't recommend Ting Jin Healing enough. I am a weekly devotee who has found not only healing for my regressive scoliosis but have made a wonderful connection with Chloe and Benjamin. 5 stars is not enough. Grateful to have found such sincere and thoughtful therapy and care.

Eryn Dorman

Huge fan of their work. They realigned my back, removing my knots, muscle spams, bone restructuring, etc. I feel much better and renewed today.

Chirag Sagar

Ben and Chloe went above and beyond. They are incredible and powerful healers.

Nhan Mai

Fantastic session! Really impressed by Ben and Chloe’s skill, and their ability to communicate it. 5 stars!

Tenzin Shipman

Just finished my 5th session with Ben and Chloe and I feel amazing! So glad I happened to meet these two amazing people because not only do they provide some amazing therapy, but they are truly very caring people. I am a pediatric dentist so my neck and back was a mess and now I’m sitting and standing straight with great posture and more importantly no pain! I even brought my mom and next up dad! Can't recommend this enough to anyone experiencing any type of pain or discomfort. Thank you Ben and Chloe!

Harbir Bhullar

I went here coming for a massage and I got so much more. With tea and a chat upon entry, you will get far more than just a massage. What you will get is something that will really benefit your body and your mind.

If I lived in LA I would be back regularly.

Sharam Namdarian

So unbelievably lucky to have these 2 dedicated healers here and making this therapy available. I did not think I would find anyone skilled in this art outside of Asia. They have put me back in alignment multiple times for various injuries. Most notably a back problem and a foot issue that were very stubborn and disruptive to my athletic endeavors, till these guys help me get sorted. Thank you 🙏🏽

Lucas Hausler L.Ac.

My husband, Mother, and I have been dealing with some Chronic pain for a few years we were referred by our acupuncture we could benefit some of Benjamin and Chloe treatment glad we did, we have never felt this good my husband’s migraines my sciatic pains it is almost gone after just a few treatments. We took my 73 year old Mother that hardly could walk after her first treatment she was able to walk better and get in the car by herself with no help. She slept through the night free of pain that she even forgot she had no pain, we are so grateful for their dedication, caring, they have for their patients. Thank you both so much for taking the the time to listen and caring for our achy bodies. It is so worth the drive for us coming to see you.

Xiomara B. Miller

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