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When was the last time you felt bliss?

Probably not recently enough. We think it's time for that to change.

There is always something happening in life, especially these last few years when the whole world got turned upside down. We all have been living in a state of stress, fear, exhaustion, uncertainty, or even chronic illness. Everywhere we turn there is word of someone else feeling burnt out or run down.

Trying to rejuvenate your energy stores, and get yourself feeling right and ready to take on the world again can be a challenge. Knowing this, our lovely friends at Willshine Tea and Opaka Method, in San Diego, CA have joined forces with us to bring you a magically soothing and totally rejuvenating experience.

We call it, TRIPLE BLISS. Get ready to set your body straight, roll out those sore muscles, and leave with your soul and heart shining! Each service will be tailored to your needs, focusing on relieving any pain, stiffness, injury, misalignment, or just chronic stress in the body.

You will start with a Tai Chi Body Brushing session with us. It truly is a reset of your mind-body balance, and a return to blissful harmony. Then, Jenny Opaka of The Opaka Method, will lead you through a personal Roll and Release session to optimize your tissue softening and lengthen the duration of the Body Brushing effects. Then, round things out with a special Rare Tea Ritual in the warm and soothing environment of Willshine Tea, where James and Cinthia will share rare and remarkable tea offerings with you.

It is truly a full service experience like no other to bring your mind and body back into balance.

You don't want to miss this!

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