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We are taking the show on the road! San Jose on the horizon!

Those that have been seeing us for a while know, there are only a few places in the world to get the specific type of care we offer. Driven by our desire to help as many as we can, we had a regular round of travel clinics prior to COVID-19 and the pandemic closures.

Since we are fully vaccinated, and things are opening back up we are looking to get back on the road and helping people. First up, San Jose!

That's right! San Jose/Santa Cruz area people we have missed seeing you and helping you stay moving pain free. There are a few weekends we are considering. As usual, we have to fill up the schedule to make the trip! So, please let us know you want to book, how many sessions you'd like, and what weekend in November you can do.

Just click the link below to email us and get on the list!

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