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Welcome to
Ting Jin Healing

The Way to New Physical Freedom

With our unique Body Brushing system, and classes in Tai Chi principles, you will discover a new pain free way of living and moving. Free all your structure, find a new understanding of alignment, increased Qi or energy flow, and gain new awareness of your body.


Discover your short cut to physical freedom.

At Ting Jin Healing we provide quick, painless, and lasting relief from chronic stiffness, pain, misalignment, and injury. This is done using an innovative Tai Chi method from Taiwan, only practiced by a handful of practitioners world wide. Related to Chinese Tui Na, this is unlike any other system out there.

What People Are Saying

There are no enough words to describe my experience with Ben and Chloe at Ting Jin Healing. I have experience chronic pain in almost all of my right side body, starting with my ears all way down to my feet. I have been visited by many doctors for the last 4 years in Egypt and here in the US, no one could help me. At times I lost hope and I had to accept the fact that’s my new normal and that I will live with pain for the rest of my life. And after one session with them, I felt so much different in such an amazing way. For the first time in 4 years, I could feel there’s hope and that I could actually heal and get back to live normal again with pain-free :) Thank you so much for both of you for all the caring and kindness that you showed me and for all the magic you do :)


Image by Hans Vivek

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