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Find the Answer to Frequently Asked Questions Here

What is the Tai Chi Treatment™️?

A breakthrough treatment and training for the mind-body.  The Tai Chi Treatment uses a 2-person method of intelligent traction and skillfully applied Tai Chi power to provide full body release and reset. See our offerings page for more information.

Is this a type of massage or like chiropractic?

It is not! The Tai Chi Treatment system is pure tai chi in a medical application. This is not massage or chiropractic, though the benefits can certainly be like a combination of the two - restored structural alignment, release of stuck tissue or stiffness, etc. It is truly unlike any other bodywork modality, so it can be hard to picture. This is why we say come in and see for yourselves!

Are there any age restrictions or physical injuries you can't treat?

There is no age limit on who we can treat with this system. We have treated children as well as people as old at 94, all with success. The release we provide can be scaled to address the density or age of tissue in whoever we are treating. The only things that preclude treatment are: recent surgeries, lacerations, wasting diseases or tissue disorders (such as severe osteoporosis), and any delicate medical implants that might be damaged by traction based treatments. Please contact us before booking if you have any concerns.

Do you take insurance?

We are frequently asked this, and at this time we do not take any insurance. We are of course eager to make our services available to anyone, so we are exploring our options for this.
If you are injured or in pain, nothing else is working for you, and money is a problem, please contact us to discuss your options. We would always prefer to help those in need than leave people to suffer.

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