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At Ting Jin Healing we provide quick, painless, and lasting relief from chronic stiffness, pain, misalignment, and joint injury. This is done using a 2-person system based in traditional Tai Chi Chuan, that decalcifies the connective tissue, opens the joints and lengthens the structure, restoring mobility and function, while creating space in the body via gentle, intelligent traction. Tai Chi Treatment™️ requires mastery of internal force (jin) and the ability to feel or listen deep into the patient's body/structure (ting), and grew out of a school of internal Tai Chi Chuan in Taiwan. The mastery of these internal martial skills makes the system extremely rare, with only a handful of practitioners world wide. You will find nothing else like it in LA, or on the West Coast. Discover the benefits for yourself today!

COVID-19 Precautions: If you have any symptoms (cough, congestion, headache, fever, fatigue, etc), or if you have been in contact with someone who may have COVID in the last two weeks, please do not come in. We will also ask that you have tested negative before resuming treatment. You can reschedule any time without our usual cancellation policy, so we can all stay safe. 
We will be checking all client’s temperature at intake, and providing sanitizer to disinfect hands at the door. Everyone is required to wear a mask at all times. We appreciate your cooperation as we try to keep all of us safe.

Image by Erol Ahmed

Our Offerings

Our services primarily center on our revolutionary Tai Chi Therapy™️. Each session of Tai Chi Treatment™️ provides the same benefits as weeks or months regular Tai Chi and mobility training. To compliment this we also offer private Tai Chi lessons to compliment the work and extend the benefits.

Tai Chi Treatment™️

A Revolutionary Path to Physical Freedom

Tai Chi Treatment™️ is a two person Tai Chi structural healing technique, meant to accelerate progress in Tai Chi Therapy™️ training. It’s great for pain, stiffness, injury and misalignment. We use deep listening skills and precision energy healing, rooted in Tai Chi, to decalcify and lengthen the ligaments, tendons, and fascia from head to foot. Using this Tai Chi power heals you by making your body more “tai chi.” We also train you on the table, to deepen your internal awareness and your breath, and to let go with the mind. In this way, you gain the benefits of a Qi Gong or Tai Chi practice, increasing your ability to direct your breath and Qi, and your proprioception. It’s a rare method, and it offers results that you won’t find anywhere else: 

  • We can reduce the time it takes to improve your range of motion

  • We can prime your body for peak performance

  • We can change your posture

  • We can restore your full height

  • We can make old injuries go away

  • We can reset a sprained ankle or straighten scoliosis 

  • And it just feels great​

Tai Chi Therapy™️

Train the Principles of Traditional Tai Chi

To perform the Tai Chi Treatment™️ technique requires mastery of the internal martial art of Tàijí quán or Tai Chi. This martial art is known the world over for its health benefits, and each Tai Chi Treatment™️ session is akin to a mini training in our Tai Chi Therapy™️ training. To better understand and deepen the body changes you are undertaking with us, you can book a private Tai Chi lesson. We also provide private training on life path, philosophy and mind-body cultivation through traditional taìjí-quán, including:

  • Posture and Movement for Structural Health

  • Meditation

  • Qì-gong

  • Standing

  • Push hands

  • Tai Chi form

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